At Fanatic FC, we look at the world of football from a different perspective. We look at the big clubs but we also give the smaller teams their fair chance. After all, most football teams play at the amateur level. Their stories and place in the football heirarchies are no less compelling.


We are starting a new series which looks at the regional rankings. For example, we start off in Canada and look at the top 10 ranked sides currently in each state or province. As we go down the rankings, it becomes evident that in most countries, there is a huge gap between the top tier teams, well known to most of us, and teams near the 9th to 10th places on the rankings. In most cases, these are town,village or suburb teams, semi-pro or even rank amateurs.


The rankings are based on the last standings of the teams in their respective leagues and the level of the leagues in the overall football pyramid.


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